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ORLANDO THE MARMALADE CAT and GRACE. Two Original Paintings in Oil on Glass and Foil. Stock code: 9921

Author / Artist:

Hale, Kathleen


[Frederick Warne] 1958


Two original oil paintings on glass and foil. framed and glazed, each signed to lower right corner. One painting features Orlando playing the guitar (the image is similar to the one used on the front cover of 1938 first edition of "A Camping Holiday"). The second painting features Grace playing the harp with drapes in the background. Painted on three different layers and on textured foil or glass backgrounds the artist has created a three dimensional "other worldly" effect. Quite exceptional, and one would suspect unique in this format.




Exhibitied: Kathleen Hale, Artist Illustrator at The Gekoski Gallery in association with Frederick Warne. Number 10 and 11. 1995