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THE GODFATHER PAPERS And Other Confessions The Author's (Master) Hand Corrected Galley Proof. Stock code: 6084

Author / Artist:

Puzo, Mario


The author's marked up galley proof of the first edition, first printing. 94 long pages (25 x 7.5 inches) including some duplicates and re-numbered pages. Folded over three times. Annotations throughout in the author's hand (in two colours of ink) and the printer (primarily red pencil). In good condition with some closed tears and chipping with finger marks and creasing as would be expected with an evolving manuscript.




A collection of autobiographical essays, some concerning the writing of his 1969 bestseller The Godfather, the book issued in response to the hundreds of declined requests for interviews concerning the book. "I was forty-five years old and tired of being an artist. Besides, I owed $20,000 to relatives, finance companies, banks and assorted bookmakers and shylocks. It was really time to grow up and sell out as Lenny Bruce once advised. So I told me editors OK, I'll write a book about the Mafia...." Provenance: From the collection of Puzo's editor Bill Targ.